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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Book Blog Tour & $50 Give-Away for Be Happy: How To Live Your Life by Design by Aisa Ross



The Book Blog Tour 


Be Happy: How To Live Your Life by Design 


Aisa Ross 


Genres: Nonfiction, Self-Help

Promotion: Be Happy will be on sale on Amazon for $.99 during the tour

Foreword by the Author:

Be Happy, the first of the "BE" series,  is a book written in a straight-talk fashion, quickly delving into the heart of the matter--How to live our days better and happier, with purpose and direction.  Also, this short book contains massive information on the psychology behind people's self-sabotaging behaviors and negative thought patterns.


If you are like me, at one point in your life, you have asked yourself questions like these:

1. What's wrong with me?
2. Why can't I just forget about him/her?
3. Why do I feel so lonely and sad?
4. Why do I do the things I do? They're irresponsible and destructive, I know that! Yet, here I am again–overeating or overspending.
5. Why do I feel so restless, angry, and impatient?
6. How can I improve my life and myself?

I believe the primary causes and also the answers to these important questions are:

a) We lack psychological/mental and spiritual nourishment, solid boundaries, and established foundations.
b) Our physical selves live disconnected from our inner beings.
c) We did not learn the necessary life skills in managing each aspect of how to live a balanced lifestyle.

"Be Happy: How to live your life by design" is an easy and simplistic guide to help us find a better, happier way to live.  

Direct Link to Book On Goodreads: 


About the Author:

Aisa Ross was born overseas but now calls San Francisco, CA her home. She's single, a Buddhist, and a devout minimalist.  She's loves her career in the medical field.  However, her life's passion is in her writing.  Aisa's newly published book "Be Happy: How to live your life by design!" along with two upcoming titles "Be Well: How to find perfect balance in your life and yourself"  and "Be You: How to reinvent yourself with love and confidence" have been inspired by years of pursuit on finding her authentic self and living a truly happy lifestyle. She hopes to impart precious knowledge through her humble writings.  Namaste.

Connect with Aisa Ross:



Aisa is giving away 3 Amazon Gift Cards

1st price: $50    2nd price:  $30    3rd price:  $15 

Open internationally. Starts 11/22/13 at 12 am eastern time and ends 12/21/13 at 12 am eastern time. Click here to enter.


 I'm back on Sunday with a Book Blitz [the one that was supposed to have been on Monday just gone - but was rescheduled]


  1. Hello Everyone :)

    This is Aisa (author of "Be Happy"). Just stopping by to say "hi!" This is so funny... a cat writing a blog post.. meowww!! I love cats!! My favorite is a persian exotic short hair. I love the face (looks like the wall lost the fight). The snob nose is so cute and I love watching my cat sleep (she snores like a human!).

    Have a nice weekend... from the USA... to the world!



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