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Thursday, 5 September 2013

More Blogging Tips! Would you like a Blogoversary Widget? Free Widgets

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Get a Blogoversary Widget

I've been blogging for about 2 years now, and I was thinking the other day:

'Perhaps I should do a Give-Away or something fun to celebrate my 2nd Blog Anniversary.'

Firstly, I went and checked when I began my blog. I got the date of the very first post and saw that I'd missed it by nearly a month! Oh my, what a total calamity!

So being a little miffed that I'd missed it again for the second year in a row, I began my search for a countdown widget, then maybe next year  I will get to celebrate my blogging world and give you wonderful followers a few nice surprises.

Here's a few of the sites I found. The first on the list is the one I used, only because they had a pink and sparkly star one and you know how I am with pink and sparkly ~ I'm all over it like someone possessed. Yes, I'm fully aware that I probably should talk to someone about this! ♥Thank you for your concern♥

Anyway back to the list:

These are all fully customizable and come in every colour imaginable.  Very easy to install too.  I'll talk about that later. Plus they do every type of event too. FREE.

This one is just a basic countdown, add your blog URL and your start dates and you're good to go. FREE.

This has disabled features in the FREE widget, still customizable but you're more limited.  You can upgrade to get more options. You also have to sign up to get the HTML code...

On offer here, are a selection of animated clocks for every anniversary imaginable with lot's of different themes to choose from. Fully customizable too.   FREE

Lot's of different fully customizable widgets available, and for every event that could possibly be happening in your life! FREE  (I'm loving the Halloween Countdowns, one of  which I will be using next month ~ muwahahahaahaa)

These are all very simple to install on your blogger blog - don't ask me about Tumblr/Wordpress etc... as I have no idea how they work - sorry! 

Here's a quick tutorial for those that aren't sure how to install one - for those that do, please ignore the following.

All you need to do is:

1. Click on 'Design' on the top right of your page 

2. On the left side of the page, click on 'layout'

3. Select 'Add A Gadget' and click

4. A pop up window will appear and scroll down through the options until you reach: HTML/JavaScript - click on this

5. The pop up window will change and you can then copy and paste your widget HTML code into the main box.

6. It's always a good idea to put a title in too, so for this ~ for example use: My Blogoversary

7. Click 'Save'

8. Your new blingy widget will appear at the top of your 'Add A Gadget' list.  If this isn't where you want it.  Put the mouse pointer over the box, click and hold, then drag the box to its new location.

9. You can preview it by clicking 'Preview' on the top right of the page and if all is satisfactory after you've viewed your widget on the preview page, go back to the layout page and click 'Save Arrangement'

And you're done!

Tres Simples

There you have it, get a Blogoversary Widget and never miss another Blogoversary!

 If there's anything you'd like to ask, feel free or if you want to leave any input or even add more links to other countdown timers, that would be great.


  1. Wow! thank you for sharing this.. and you are not alone with the "pink addiction". Just take a look at my blog.. My Book and My Coffee. :))

    Sadly, I missed my first blogoversary as well. :( I think I will get one as well.. I don't want to miss my 2nd blogoversary! :D

  2. Oh, I'm Ara, by the way :) I'm a new follower - GFC and Bloglovin. I have added you before in my G+ circle, Authors :)

  3. Hi Ara, firstly thanks for following!

    I'm following you back via Bloglovin, for some very strange reason GFC won't let me follow you ??

    I'm so glad I'm not along in my 'pink addiction' and I just love your blog, it is TRES FABULOUS!

    I've also added your blog button to my sidebar :)

    Have a great day


  4. You are very welcome, Cat :) Thanks for stopping by here :)

    Thanks for following back via Bloglovin. Ah, GFC's been acting wonky, indeed. I've had the same experience with some of the blogs I wanted to follow. No worries about that. :)

    Thanks so much. I think I will need luck (with the reading challenge). HAHA.

    WOW! Thanks for adding the button. Very nice of you! :D I've added your button here: http://www.mybookandmycoffee.com/p/blogs-i-love.html

    Have a good one! :)


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