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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blogger Tips & Tricks ~ Fabulous Author & Blogger Groups to Join on Facebook


Blogger Tips & Tricks

Today I thought I'd share a few of the Facebook groups I participate in.  So if you feel you aren't getting enough reach with your novels, blog posts and Twitter followers, try these. I'm sure there's at least one that would serve you well.

Author & Blogger Groups 
to Join on Facebook

The Indie Authors Task Force

The Indie Authors Task Force is for like minded peeps with a common goal, which is: To help push, promote and sell books. 
So with that in mind are you willing to help your fellow Indie Author if they help you?

Promote Yourself ~ Writers Group
All things Bookish - Swap FB Page Links - Promote Your Book - Add Buy Links - Twitter Links - Blog Links - G+ Links - GoodReads - Anything goes! 

Your Latest Blog Post

A place for Authors and Book Bloggers to share their latest blog posts, showcase their work and get new followers. Please Follow each other!

Tweet Me!

Tweet Me! Find like minded Twitter Followers. A Follow for a Follow to expand your network reach.

Books, Books, Books

Use this Group to post all your website links, book links, book buy links, promo links, & Facebook fan page!

Authors Giving it Away

Promote Yourself - this is your one-stop shop for freebies, swag and goodies


If you have any FB groups you'd like to share, just post the links in the comment form.




  1. What great resources!! Thank you so much :)

  2. Thanks for the great list! I've joined several and sent you a Facebook friend request :)

  3. Hi Lisa and Kimber, thanks for the comments and I'm delighted you liked the list. There's more coming soon, but there were too many to share at once! ;)

    You could always join the G+ group that's featured in my sidebar, that's growing daily and some great bloggers/writers post there.

    Have a great day

    Cat x

  4. You have to be like Edward Snowden with this stuff. Just leak it out a bit at a time.


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