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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Thursday Book Promo ~ Part II ~ Interviewing Tiffany Carmouche


On to the second part of  

The Thursday Book Promo

Interviewing Tiffany!

      Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Me? I’m a single mother... a survivor... a dreamer... a hopeless romantic... an adventurer...

When did you decide that being an author was ‘thing’ for you?
I wrote my first real book in 5th grade and dabbled in poetry for years. I wrote a couple partial novels and all were lost when someone broke in my house and stole my laptop. I hadn’t written in years when I began The Impostor in the Nano Challenge. I had made a goal to write 10,000 words. And before long I was at 80,000. I rediscovered a side of me I had let die. I guess I always was a writer at heart. But it took that 30 day challenge to remember writing is part of who I am.

 Can you tell us a little about your latest novel/release?
Becoming Invisible is the third novel in the Alaskan Heart Saga. Here are some reviews.

Review of Becoming Invisible

“Becoming Invisible is the third book of the series and it has you hitting the ground running. Another fantastic, descriptive, heart-pounding read from Tiffany Carmouche. The story continues at a perfect pace and will have your temperature rising with lust, your heart pounding with anticipation and have your body tingling with chills, a real rollercoaster read. The intrigue, romance and suspense is perfectly written from each of the characters perspectives so it gives you that little extra insight into their thoughts and emotions, pulling you further into the story. I’m totally hooked and begging for the next installment already!”~Nicki Wilson

Another Review of Becoming Invisible:
"The story continues with heart stopping love, mystery, and action. Tiffany can weave a tale of love suspense and mystery like no other. You will smile one minute and then gasp the next and when you think you know the answers HA! New questions will come into your mind! Leaving you wanting more!  I love the strong characters of this book, they love and the fight for what they want and keep surviving.
Saying I loved this book is not really the right word; it is bigger than that word!
I recommend this to everyone because it will not disappoint. "~ Nikki Alper Targum Arc Reader

What’s your most favourite thing about writing?
I love my fans. I love when fans write me while they are reading my books, or right after they finish a book. I love creating characters people feel like they know. Characters they scream at and fall in love with. To me that makes all the long hours in front of a computer screen worth it.

If asked to review a novel, and you didn’t like it at all, would you?
a)      Do a warts and all review and hold back nothing – a total slaughter
b)      Say as little as possible, only voicing a few criticisms with a dash of positivity
c)       Talk to the author first and express your opinions/findings in a helpful manner
d)     Keep it as vague as possible and think discretion is the better part of valour, as you hate to be unkind
I would have to say c. It is possible to not like something that is good. People have different taste. I think I would explain to the author I couldn’t get into it.

 Do you have any advice for newbie authors just starting out?
Do it for you. Do it only for you. You will be surprised. Your family, your spouse, your friends many people you feel will be the most supportive will not be at all. Don’t let it get to you. Write for you. I did this for years with my poetry. There are lyrics I have never showed anyone but still pouring those words onto the page was so freeing. Learn your craft. You can always get better. If you share your work, listen. Know your first draft will need a lot of work. Feedback is awesome. It makes you better. And surround yourself with people who believe in you.

  If HG Wells turned up in his Time Machine in your living room, would you get on-board and where would you go first?
You know there are so many times in history that would be wonderful to go back to. The renaissance, the wild west...but I would chose to go back only a little over 10 or so years ago. I would go to a time when I chose to put work and an oppressive man in front of my parents and change that. I would cherish time with them. And I would not allow myself to be broken. My dad passed away and my mom suffers from dementia and I wasted so many years I could have spent with them doing things that today I realize were not important. I would not choose to be with Michelangelo... I would choose to be with my mom and dad.

Out of the following places to get inspiration, which one would you choose & why:
a.       Deserted Island
b.      Sprawling Megatroplis
c.       Magical Forest
d.      Outer Space
I would so say a magical forest with unicorns, fairies, mermaids in the waters and prince charming! Why? Are you kidding me? Unicorns! Hell yeah!

      Which would you rather do and why:
a.       Base Jumping

 I have been bungee jumping and sky diving.  Loved, especially sky diving! I so want to go again soon!

b.      Hot Air Ballooning

I would love to do this! It is definitely a dream!

c.       Deep Sea Diving with Sharks (No Cage – muwahahha!)

I almost had the courage to go night diving when I was in Hawaii in search of sharks. I don’t know that I still want to do it. I also wanted to go cage diving during a feeding frenzy in Australia...I don’t know if I want to do that still...  I guess catch me on the right day lol.

d.      A Desert Trek

Nope...never wanted to do this. I love the dessert but... I take that back. I so wanted to hike in Apache Junction. The desert can be beautiful. 

I guess I have to say hot air ballooning because I have never been. I would love to go over the Grand Canyon, or in Alaska or another one of the beautiful places of the world.

 If you could have one super power, what would it be?
(Would you have a superhero suit too?)
I would love to fly! That would be awesome or teleport myself... I think flying would be more fun!
Of course a sexy suit (and the body to go with it :) and awesome red cape :)

 If you could have lived in any era throughout time, when and where would it have been?
I would love to have lived in the renaissance and been an apprentice of Michelangelo. Art is another passion.

Which method of writing do you prefer for your first draft?
a.       Handwrite the first draft
b.      Laptop
c.       Desktop
d.      The walls in your office! LOL
A B and D...hand...napkin...You think I am kidding :) My muse is sassy and doesn’t usually come at convenient times and places...

1Which would you prefer if your novel was selected by a TV/Film Company:- A TV Series a la Vampire Diaries or a Movie deal a la The Twilight Saga?
I would have to say a movie!

  Who would be your dream Movie or TV series cast for your novel?
Is it bad I just have cast the men? Channing Tatum as Dylan, or Chris Evans, right now I have Zach Efron as Bradley. Matt Bomer as Chris... Who do you see them as? Please do tag me in photos. When the day comes who should be in the casting call?

 How do you make time to write?
When I am writing sometimes I forget to live also, lol. That is an important balance I am struggling to figure out. Most of the time I stay up all night.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My daughters, coffee, and outside. There is a magic about the outdoors.

Which five words would you use to describe yourself?
Sassy, persistent, dreamer, romantic, spontaneous

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
OMG I was a book keeper for a fish market. I came home every day, smelling like fish. Bad. Really Bad. It took like 5 showers to get the smell off me!

Thank you so much for having me Catherine. 

My pleasure Tiffany! 


  I do hope you've enjoyed  The Thursday Book Promo as much as Tiffany and I.
Tiffany always loves to hear from new readers and fans, so go ahead and make her day!
See you soon, until then read an awesome romance novel, you know the one's I'm talking about...



  1. Tiff. Cant wait to start reading these..I want to read all 3 in a row.. well done, and yes I did take sonething away from this blog.. I love to write but family teases me. So I stop.. but I. Gonna do for me.. thank yoy

  2. Tiff. Cant wait to start reading these..I want to read all 3 in a row.. well done, and yes I did take sonething away from this blog.. I love to write but family teases me. So I stop.. but I. Gonna do for me.. thank yoy

  3. Awesome Donna! That is what you have to do! Do it for you!

  4. Excellent Interview Ladies. I was pleasantly entertained by both of you; questions and answers. I found them both to be down to earth and precise. I've experienced the support base blues as well. Not at all what I was expecting from friends and family. I've spoke to other authors and it appears to be universal. Best of Wishes to you both and Good Luck with your writing endeavors. VR McCoy

  5. Thank VR, so glad you enjoyed the post!!


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