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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Blogging Tips & Tricks ~ Another Jewel in the Crown!

Welcome to 

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Well you awesome bunch of peeps, I've been scouring the internet for useful content and today I came across another jewel in the crown!

We all need pictures, photo's and images of some description or another at some point during our blogging and online lives.  While these add colour and fun content to our posts  and make for pretty posts and funky social media , there is a darker side to using items found on the internet.

It's so easy to right click an image and save it to your hard-drive, but stop and think for just the briefest moment - this is in actual fact, virtual theft and then if you use the images on your blog or wherever, you could potentially open yourself up to a lawsuit. 

Which none of us wants to go through, ever!

So while I was designing my latest e-book cover, and had made a pretty awesome looking one in Microsoft Word using their clipart, I began to think about whether or not it was actually legal for me to use my latest design as a commercial product, i.e: as an ebook for sale on Amazon. And after much scouring on the internet, I discovered that I couldn't use the design I made, as it was in breach of their licensing.  It was fine to use it for personal use, but not in any resale capacity whatsoever.

This rendered me back to the drawing board for about 15 seconds.

So I began looking for a FREE image for my latest book cover

Kosmic K9 & BatCat

 which I found at


That's when I came across this totally fabulous blog

Here is everything you need to know about using images on your blog, where to get license free ones, and all the ins and outs of copyright.  Plus there's a whole host of links for you to get great stuff for your blog without the headache of getting the pants sued off your behind, leaving you homeless and in the gutter!

So sleep easy and get great stuff without that niggling nest of earwigs gnawing away at your brains, as you wonder whether or not you can use that awesome image you just right clicked and saved.

Don't get caught out.
Be smart and savvy - go visit Molly!

I do hope you've enjoyed my second best discovery of 2013

Until the next Blogging Tips & Tricks


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