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Friday, 4 January 2013

The Friday Book Feature ~ Chocolate by Storm Chase

Welcome to 

The First Friday Book Feature of 2013!

Today we are having a little break from the YA Book Expedition and are starting with something a little bit saucy for the New Year, so if you're under 18, please avert your eyes or go and check out Basil's Blog!

Chocolate: An Erotic Romance In Siberia


Chase Storm

Book Blurb

After being abused by her stepfather from the age of six, and put on the street by her boyfriend at the age of fifteen, Star uses her experience to become a top escort in London with a lucrative sideline in Bondage and Discipline. However, a wrong move lands her in Siberia as the unwilling leading light in a series of extreme S&M films.

Refusing to give in to fear, Star fights back. She ruins productions by laughing at the Master, makes herself pass out at critical moments, and finally drives her captors to present her as a gift to Alexei, a prison officer who is feared throughout the state.

Star quickly discovers Alexei has a penchant kinky sex that he expects her to satisfy. What she can't decide is if he is her rescuer, or if she is in worse trouble than before. All Star knows for certain is that the seemingly unending supply of chocolates Alexei rewards her with hide a secret even darker than her own past.

Chocolate is a fun fast read with a feisty heroine and a dark hero with a soft center.

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Price 0.99 cents from Amazon.com

Price 0.77p  from Amazon.co.uk

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So there you have a saucy little number to slip into for the New Year!

Enjoy and I'll be back soon with another  novel for you to peruse.



  1. Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow!Wow! *big smile*

    Wishing you a Meowy New Year! Au, Target and Guido and Ellen aka De Survunt

  2. You are very welcome all @ Katz Tales!


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