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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spam Vs The Vampire by K.B. Dundee & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Spam Vs The Vampire by K.B. Dundee 
as told by 
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

A mystery adventure book with cats and vampires, purrfect for the whole family!

Product description from amazon:

Spam and the other cats at website designer Darcy Dupres’ house are frantic with worry. Darcy walked out the door two (missed) wet meals ago and didn’t return or send anyone else to look after her beloved furry friends. The other cats think that she has abandoned them, but her office cat and (unbeknownst to her) protégé, Spam, suspects darker forces are at work.

Darcy’s last project was helping a suspicious character who called himself Marcel de Montreal with a dating website for vampires and the women who dig them. Darcy thought Marcel was playing and besides, he paid her a lot of kitty litter to design the site.

But before she can finish, the self-proclaimed vampire announces that he is coming to visit, and Darcy disappears. That and the–duh–black billowy figure with the white face and red eyes peering through the window seem like a dead giveaway to Spam.

Using the computer knowledge he learned at his human’s side, Spam escapes to the world beyond his home to find Darcy and save his family. When the other cats are rounded up and hauled to the shelter, Spam’s only allies seem to be a hungry raccoon, some friendly deer, observant otters and the fact that Marcel happens to be allergic to cats.

What others are saying about this fabulous book:

Great Fun!

Perfect Holiday Book!

Great Halloween Read!

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For more information about Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and her ever growing world of books visit her on the web here:

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough official Website: Click Here!

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You can also find this uber talented author on GoodReads, Fantastic Fiction, Fantasy Book Review and a whole host of other places too.


I really hope you enjoy this fan'cat'stic novel, until next time...

Cat x


  1. Although many people think that cats don't really make loyal pets, this shows otherwise. That's a cool book.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jeremy, and I agree with you, it's a very cool book!



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