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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cooking Up Customers - Recipes for Marketing Success

Just to let everyone know, that I and Tim Thompson of www.clydesight.com have published another book on Kindle.  It is called:

Cooking Up Customers - Recipes for Marketing Success

Description from www.amazon.co.uk

Product Description


"Cooking Up Customers – Recipes for Marketing Success" is an exciting and entertaining e-book about marketing - with a difference. It provides an alternative approach to sales and marketing – teaching readers to “think outside the box” and they use actual food recipes to illustrate each of the marketing lessons!

This book is NOT about MLM or network marketing schemes, it does not provide any “get rich quick” tricks that don’t work.

Instead it teaches readers the essential basics of marketing, and how to THINK like a successful marketer, covering topics including: Niche, USP (Unique Selling Point) and Customer Relations.

A Cookbook for Marketers and Cooks!

The authors imagined that sales are the food of marketing success. So they wrote this e-book modelled after a cookbook, to teach people a creative marketing and sales philosophy - with actual food recipes as illustrations of their techniques as part of their innovative new formula.

Thinking outside the box is the theme, and this e-book features marketing techniques (the marketing recipes) illustrated by food recipes. The idea is that by preparing the food and presenting it, the reader will get a better grasp on the marketing technique that the food recipe illustrates.

The book also discusses the pros and cons of using a marketing firm (as opposed to doing the marketing yourself) and has a basic guide on how to use the Internet as a marketing tool (on-line sales are fast becoming the norm, changing the whole “retail model”).

This e-book also goes further to help assist readers to think like customers, not producers and suppliers. A common mistake that marketers make is that they assume people already know about their product or service because it is part of a popular product line and/or service. But there is a difference between just any product or service and your unique product or service. You are an individual; you must promote your business in the same way using the simple techniques explained in the e-book.

The actual food recipes are fun and easy to prepare from “Cool Cook Clueless Pasta” to “USP - Unique Steak and Potatoes” to a meringue genoise & ganache chocolate layer cake!


Also included in the e-book is a BONUS – The PPC Advertising Handbook that helps readers who are interested in PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) use the common sense approaches to that advertising model to their best advantage while avoiding common pitfalls.

Try “Cooking Up Customers – Recipes for Marketing Success”. This one of a kind education with 6 Marketing Recipes and 6 Food Recipes is ideal for:

Small and Start-Up Businesses who need to successfully market products and/or services for speedy and recurring sales

Artists, Musicians, Authors, Inventors and Software Developers etc… who need to effectively market their art, music, work or inventions to their targeted audience while building an enthusiastic and lasting following.
*     *     *

So if you feel you need a bit of target niche marketing, plus a few new recipes to try out, then this is the book for you!

Until next time...

Cat x 

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