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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Weekly Cuteness

Well I think it's time we had a weekly cuteness again... BTW if you would like your pet to 'star' as the weekly cuteness, leave a comment and I'll back to you...

So this week I have chosen Basil aka 'Basil the Bionic Cat' to be the subject of Uber Cuteness!

'Up Close and Purrsonal!"

'Chillin' ~ Basil Style'

'What do ya mean I've got a black smudge?????'

'Looking totally PAWESOME in my uber cool hat, with fluffy pom pom!'

Enjoy all that is Basil!


  1. Hi,

    Gertrude and Eddie would like to join Basil in ultimate cuteness! Can we join, purrleze, purrleze?

  2. Of course Gertie and Eddie can be next weeks, 'Weekly Cuteness' just email me the photo's!!!!

    Cat x


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