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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year... an extra day!

Today is the 29th February, yay - we get an extra day this year as you know, so that means that there is a possibility and a good chance to catch up on some work!!! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!

 If only it were that simple, then perhaps I could catch up, but that is not going to happen while I'm posting here, tweeting, facebooking, unitedcat-ing, myspace-ing, and all those other 'ings' that seem to take up a lot of time on the good old internet....

Perhaps today should be the day where I ban all online activities for the day and do something else entirely.  So in 2016 - makes mental note - I am going to ban all online activity for myself.

If any of you could remind me nearer the date, that would be awesome, as by this time tommorow I will have probably forgotten all about it! LOL

Until next time, enjoy your extra day!

Cat x

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