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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Die for Me by Amy Plum

Die for Me by Amy Plum

I finished listening to the audio version of this Monday evening available from www.audible.co.uk

So here's what I thought, the narrator did a very good job of bringing the book to life, and it was very easy to listen to. The plot itself is nothing new within the YA PNR genre, the 'Revenants' are however new, a combination of Zombie crossed with Guardian Angel which is a nice take instead of the usual one or the other scenario. 

But back to the story, I know if I didn't write this review now,  while the book  is still fresh in my mind, I could quite easily forget about it in a few days. The actual story is set in Paris, the author is obviously very knowledgeable about the city and having been there more than a few times myself, I really felt a sense of presence so that was a very nice aspect to the overall book.

The characters are ok, the lead female Kate is likable without being too annoying.  The lead male, Vincent was a bit too perfect and I got a bit sick of listening to how perfect he was -  which started to grate on me, no-one is that perfect or self depreciating, I felt that he sounded too good to be true, however that just may be my take.

The plot rattles along at a fair pace, however there are a few scenarios which were flawed and unreal, especially since the main characters traits had already been put in place and then these highly unlikely scenes cropped up, which if you were the picky type, you would need a lot more convincing that they were actually plausible. I won't go into any detail as I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't read it.

The ending had a few twists and turns, which kept it interesting.  The overall content of the story was enjoyable, and I am pleased to have experienced it, but like I said earlier, it's not a book that will stay in my mind for the long term.  I would recommend it as a 'rainy day book' - something to read when there's nothing else to do.

My rating for this novel is a 3.75 out of 5

Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling

Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling

 I finished reading this book on Saturday, it is the second in the series following 'Finding Sky'

While I did quite enjoy reading this, it is not a proper sequel per se, as it introduces a new lead character - Phoenix.  Sky doesn't appear until later in the book,  however the story follows a very similar pattern to the first, an English girl meets American boy, they both have Savant powers, they don't like each other at first but then that changes.  So nothing new or ground breaking in the plot, just a loosely written rehash of the first book with a UK setting instead of an American one and a different Benedict brother as the main male character.  

The story goes at a good pace and it's easy to read, but if you look too closely, the similarities to the first book will start to annoy you, however if you don't take it too seriously it's an ok read.  If you are looking for a sequel that follows Sky and Zed you will be disappointed as this is not case, I felt a bit cheated, as that was what I was hoping for. 

Perhaps Joss Stirling will provide that if there is a third book in the series, so I won't say anymore on the matter until then.  Let's hope that if there is another book it will deliver what the reader is expecting - the original lead characters... but if not, then I won't be buying any more from this author.

My overall reading experience rating is a 3 out of 5.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Passion ~ A Fallen Novel by Lauren Kate

Passion ~ A Fallen Novel (Book 3) by Lauren Kate

Firstly before I jump into this, I'd like to say that I was so looking forward to this third book in the Fallen Series. I began listening to with such high expectations and as it progressed I just felt sad that it didn't live up to its predecessors in any way, shape or form.

These are my thoughts after it ended:

I've just finished listening to this audio book and think that it should have been titled 'Damp Drawn-Out Squib'   I really hate to have to put a downer on it, but there's nothing else I can say. The first two books in the series were very good, well-paced with a good plot, this however was a painful, slow, very repetitive waste of time.

In fact you could jump from book two to four 'Rapture' (when it's released) and not have missed a thing. It was as if the author was just trying to stretch the series out with a 'filler' book and sadly it just doesn't deliver. I was very disappointed as the main character Luce becomes even more whinging, whiny and seriously annoying (She was marginally annoying in Books one and two, but it could be overlooked due to other engaging aspects in the story). The plot holes in this book were just too obvious to let go of, and the progression of the story became flawed and pained, like a long drawn out tooth extraction with no anaesthetic.

I think it was desperate attempt to create something just for the sake of creating something, this really backfired in my opinion. Plus the fact, that when writing about time travel, you need to have made certain that everything is worked out well in advance, especially if it's a later book in a series, as now the first two books also looked flawed, as there are certain elements that would have shown up in book one and book two, so this addition is an obvious afterthought, and the fact that none of the previous questions get answered make it even more of an exasperating waste of time and money.

So save your sanity and your time by jumping forward in time from Book Two to Book Four....

My rating for this book is a 2 out of 5 and I am being kind at that.  

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vile Violeticia

My new book for 7 - 9 year olds ~ Vile Violeticia  ~ is just having it's final tweak before it becomes available at the end of next month in Paperback and E-Book format.  I have just seen the artwork for the cover it's really great.  As soon as the artwork is finalised and I get a copy, I'll post it...

Here's a little taster of what's to come:

‘Vile Violeticia’   tells the story of Violeticia who is a particularly naughty little girl. She has a total disregard for authority and blatantly flouts the rules refusing to learn life's simple lessons.

Until one day payback come with a twist ~ Dreamtime Reality. A bump on the head sends Violeticia to a place she never knew existed and one, where she definitely doesn't want to be ~ the wretched Isle of Phantas Magorias.

Where the nightmares are real and there’s only one way out, learn to be good or else. The clock is ticking and time is running out, but not just for Violeticia.

She has choices to make, but will they be the right ones?

(you'll have to read it to find out)


This was a really fun book to write and I have another three in the works to complete the series (hopefully they will done next year):

The Horrendous Halloween

The Christmas Catastrophe

and finally

The Easter Eggsplosion

So watch this space for more news on the adventures of

Vile Violeticia!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mews Flash ~ Amber and Basil Win

So Here's The Scoop

Clawless Mews Flash
We Have a Winner for the Week!
You voted and it's a tie!

Your choice for Favorite CLAWLESS Stars are Amber and Basil!


CLAWLESS Six Month Celebrity Celebration

To Buy The Book - Click the picture below 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Awakened by P.C. and Kristin Cast

I mentioned Awakened in an earlier post, and now I've finished it, so here's my thoughts:

After a slow start, I began to think that this book - the eighth in the series - was beginning to lose it flavour, but halfway in it started to pick up and became what I hoped it would be.   The previous seven books have all been most enjoyable, as I started this I was feeling quite dissapointed in the story and where the characters were going.  This was redeemed around the halfway point where the story began to zip forward at a lightning pace, just like its predecessors. So it ended up being a good read after a shaky start.  I'm giving it overall -
 four out of five star rating.

I said in my earlier post (a comment) that maybe the HoN series was getting to place where it needed to end, but where Awakened finishes it leaves it open for a whole new saga, which I am pleased about because it's quite rare to find a series that last longer than three or four books.

So in my humble opinion, P.C. and Kristin Cast keep doing what you're doing and give us more HoN and many thanks for writing a really great series.

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