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Monday, 8 August 2011

Finally.... back to the sequel - Basil the Bionic Cat - Part Deux

Seven years after my kids book for 9-12 year olds - Basil the Bionic Cat - was first published I have now begun to work through the sequel, Basil's Barmy Escapade, talk about procrastination, but seriously, I have been writing other stuff in the meantime, honestly.  But I am determined to finish it sometime this year, all things going to plan.

Here's the cover of the first book, which I think is really cool.

I even managed to put 'Basil - Book One' on Amazon as a Kindle download last week, so I was pretty pleased with my effort, especially since reading all the formatting stuff was really giving me a headache, big time, I read the bare bones and hoped, well actually prayed to anyone listening that it was ok when I uploaded it.... no complaints yet and I hope it stays that way. Fingers crossed!

Here's a few more pictures of some of the characters 

Meet Posie, Basil's furriend

This is Norice Dooley, Secret Service Agent - who's part cyborg

And finally, this is a V.F.T. the most dangerous plant in the known cosmos.

If you'd like to know more about Basil, you can visit him at www.bionicbasil.com


  1. Hi Catherine, I bought Basil in hard cover a few weeks ago as a gift for my brothers son. When it arrived being a cat lover and owner myself, I thought I would read it before I gave it to my brother. Well I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. As did my wife, my brother and his son. Although technically a childrens book, it has been enjoyable to read regardless of age. We all look forward to the sequel with Basil and more of his adventures.
    My wife has also since purchased Clawless and should receive it in the mail in the coming days.
    We wish you all the best with your writing and look forward to reading more of your novels to come.


    Josh and family

  2. Basil is a GREAT Book. I'm no kid, and I enjoyed it. It is much more sophisticated than one might expect. Plenty of fun for kids, of course, but also quite intriguing for adults. Of course, emotionally, I am only 12... so.... Seriously, I love Basil and recommend it to my friends. In fact, I bought three copies as gifts!

  3. Thank you both for your fab comments!!! Most appreciated :) Cat


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