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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Cross of Ramplet - The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor

I co-authored this particular novel with my good friend Tim Thompson a few years ago, and it was recently added to the Amazon Kindle Library, Smashwords and the Sony e-reader, so it's available for instant download if you like historical adventures.

Here are the front and back covers

YouTube Video

Product Description

Throckmorton Manor – Built on the bones of dead men, shrouded in mystery with secrets to reveal, adventure to unfold, suspense to break and treasure to be discovered…

The Throckmorton Family – Deviously deceptive and greedy historical characters who use powers of romance and guile on a treasure hunt while hiding behind the thin veil of Regency England high society to disguise their quest…

The Village Constable – A secret Knights Templar Sergen ordained centuries after the historical order was disbanded, blinded to his duty by his romance with the insane daughter of the Squire…

The Village Doctor - A lecher and mystery object spelunker with greedy secret motives, his medical practice in suspense as he digs his way in the quest for the famed religious icon, the Cross of Ramplet, the great treasure of the Knights Templar…

The Anglican Priest – Caught up in his own unhinged view of faith and the loss of his most treasured religious icon, but is it a facsimile or the genuine article…

The French Spy – Using false love and romance to meet his secret mission objective…

The Pirates - Resolute in their brutal quest to bring the Cross of Ramplet to their Middle Eastern master…

The Grand Prize - The Cross of Ramplet, the fabulous ancient Knights Templar religious icon, believed to hold a great secret and presumed lost forever while being hidden in plain sight…

The Cross of Ramplet – The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor is a mystery adventure novel set within the parameters of a treasure hunt filled with suspense and set around the infamous Throckmorton family against the romantic backdrop of Regency England. The novel features a truly diverse and intriguing cast of characters who are prepared to do anything in their quest to possess the Knights Templar fabled religious icon treasure – the Cross of Ramplet.

An historical novel set in Regency England around the sleepy village of Portsur, this page turning parody mystery adventure book hurtles along like a runaway freight train. It combines the elegance of a Regency England Jane Austin romance with the cunning treasure hunt mystery style of Agatha Christie and the broad comedic style of Mel Brooks - equating to a serious parody of the more traditional mystery adventure novel. The mood swings from hysterically ridiculous, to soft romantic overtures, often becoming deadly serious while maintaining the suspense of a ‘who done it’ treasure hunt that keeps the reader guessing right until the final four chapter climax filled with glorious fun.



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We have also co-authored another book, Cooking up Customers, but I'll post about that another day... 


  1. Thanks Chandler, glad you like it.... Cat.

  2. I read this book a while ago, it's great, thanks for sharing on blogspot.


  3. Hi Sarah

    I'm so happy that you enjoyed the novel! It was great fun to write with Tim!

    Thanks for leaving a comment :D



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